Our dog Bessie would like you to know…

Our dog Bessie would like you to know quite a few things.

First, she is very happy to be with us.  She is glad to be out of the shelter, and in a cozy home.  She is ready to play, especially very very early in the morning, and is a big fan of doggie tv (windows) though she is often called to alert us to the goings on.

Last night I should have known that jumping up on the bed in the middle of the night by way of jumping up on my neck and shoulders was telling us that she needed to go out- who know?  Well, she knew, and soon we will understand better.  Tonight we will attempt to replace some light bulbs so that we can see in the backyard and make sure she has had a chance to go.

She would lso like us to know that playing in the exact same way every day is not quite interesting enough for her.  (australian shepard/rottie mix).  Yesterday’s fun of playing catch with the tennis ball was not as interesting as playing “oh how I hope I can catch a squirrel” by this morning.  Time to read up on ways to keep things interesting.




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