Our dog bessie is not fond of her kennel

Our dog Bessie would like us to know that the kennel we got her is terrifying. It is dark and hot and reminds her of the multiple shelters she has been caged in. The kennel is panic inducing, and even worse when you leave.


“When you aren’t here I am so sure you will never come back and I will be stuck in there forever, and maybe the people will take me away to the cages again. The only thing I can do it try to get out, and then I am in the house and you are still not here and I don’t know what to do and the panic grows and grows. I can’t breathe, there isn’t any water, and nothing to eat and you are still gone!!!!


I really want to be a good dog, and when you finally do come home after what feels like days and days and days I am so grateful! I am happy but nervous that I might have to go in that terrible dark cage again, so I am still pretty scared. That might make it difficult for me to go to the bathroom, sleep and be a good dog.”


One response to “Our dog bessie is not fond of her kennel

  1. What kind of kennel do you have? The Brit and I have a large open wire one that we got when Nessa hurt her leg. We’re not really using it any more – would you like to take a look and see if it’s something that might work better for her?

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