Our dog Bessie would like us to know

that the big bouncy ball is the best toy ever!!!

Better than the log, better even than the tennis ball is the big bouncy ball!  Bessie bounces it, chases it, noses it, climbs on top of it (and then gets confused as to where it went!) and loves it till it deflates.  Once deflated, it is then carried, shaken, licked, and nuzzled until well and thoroughly gone.  Awesome!

The only bad part about this plan is that the balls only tend to last 2 days.  Two days of amazing, full-on play so good that we are left laughing and Bessie is so tired that she gives up.

Also going on in the yard- our first strawberry ripened beautifully, but was eaten before we got to it.  I hope it was Bessie, but I expect it was a squirrel.  Boo.

I am particularly excited about adding lily bulbs (oriental and daylily)!  I am hoping that the order from Michigan Bulb finally arrives today.  Their service has been painfully slow- 3 days processing before my order was shipped- it has been 10 days since I ordered and no plants yet.  I hope their bulbs are hearty and in good condition once they get here!


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