Our dog Bessie would like us to know that she caught a bird

Our dog Bessie would like us to know that the fledgeling bird that banged into our fence was her first live kill.  The robin was easy to catch!

The he trouble was after the bird was in her mouth a bunch of things started happening at once. Suddenly the yard was full of screaming birds!  Robins, cardinals, starlings, every bird in the neighborhood was calling fluttering, cawing, and screaching at Bessie.


Then there err was me, quickly coming up and looking at what it was that she had caught. A baby robin, still alive.

By the time I got putside with a big ziplock bag, the bird was dead, and I bagged it still intact.


Afterword: for the rest of the day Bessie was a bit to handle. She was far more aggressive than usual, throwing herself into windows and doors at full force.


Our dog Bessie loves her rope toy

It was a slow burn love affair. The rope toy sat abandoned for weeks, slowly gathering stray pieces of fur in the corner.

But then, one evening at home it got another chance at happiness. I got out the rope toy and gave it another chance as a tease toy. Her breed likes to chase, and maybe if I played chase with it she would discover that it is great for catching and shaking and chewing on, too. It worked! Two nights ago we played chase a little bit, and she got the biting part more than before.

Then last night- love bloomed! The rope could be thrown and fetched! Oh sweet mystery of life! Joy!

This morning, the affair continued even hotter- with some gentle tugging and pulling, too!

Authors note- It is so neat watching our girl learn to be a good dog!